SANE only works with the uk? Sometimes you can see the extreme left and right parts of the image scanned correctly. USB and Parport scanners have a look at the list of Mustek scanners. P A3 Pro. NCR and clones: The Mustek scanners have no protection against exceeding the physical scan area height.

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There are several problems in connection to the use of an ADF: I don’t even know the SCSI ids.

I use the name that is printed on the front of the scanner. Full product description, technical.

Only the scanners mentioned above are mustej by the Mustek backend as far as I know. Very similar to the other Pro models. I will try to summarize known bugs and where available solutions. See the mustrk page for details. Use the latest SANE version. Playing with them may freeze your kernel completely.

View and Download Mustek A3 scanner user manual sscsi. In this case you must place the TA exactly at the top-right corner of the scanner look at the arrow with its power connection pointing to the back of the scanner, otherwise you may get over-exposed images.


They are relabeled Mustek scanners. Try to use it with a different SCSI adapter. I can save my digital images to tiff in the software programme. This may help if your scanner is turned on for a long time and you get vertical stripes.

A3 1200 Pro

Standard buffer size is 32k, which is way to less for the Mustek backend and will lead to out-of-memory errors. Despite its name it’s a ScanExpress model.

Look at this example. Try some scans to find the exact position. So if you see kernel panics, set “option buffersize 32” in mustek.

Don’t ask questions about Windows svsi. The only workaround I know is to turn up the ADF, remove it from the scanner, lay it on the scanner without using the bracket, and move it about 15 mm to the front of the scanner. There are no updates currently. To achieve higher scan speed try to change the values: If your color scans are looking crazy stripes you should reread the man page concerning the option linedistance-fix.


If your scanner is detected by justek ss driver, it won’t work.

They are said to be very slow at high resolutions, especially in color mode. In most cases VueScan doesn’t need a driver from Mustek. If this selection doesn’t show up, your TA wasn’t detected by the driver. The SP V 1. Please tell me if msutek works for you see Bug and success reports.

Driver & Manual Downloads

These kernels can’t change buffer size at run time see above. I haven’t seen these problems for other scanners, so you are on your own with these. Please write to henning meier-geinitz. Open the lid on the back of your scanner 4 screws.