The contacts from the power plug are right above the USB plug; they put Kapton insulating tape over it, which is good. What is the quality of the power? That said, single-port chargers are a thing of the past for my family. The above picture shows the internals of a counterfeit Apple iPhone cube charger. That was an awesome article, I have been buying some of that junk, no more.

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Note the scale change due to the high current output. Despite being very similar cablr the Apple charger on the outside, the Samsung charger uses an entirely different design and circuitry internally.

Why V in trains and V normally?

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That’s an interesting question, if V makes a difference, so Motorila tested the UK charger on and volts. What is the quality of the power? A dozen USB chargers in the lab: However, some factors mess this up. You can see my rather blind stumblings related to this here: The power quality is a key factor that affects the performance of chargers; spikes and noise are known to interfere with touchscreens.

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One interesting design feature is the filter capacitors fit through the cut-out holes in the secondary circuit board, allowing the large filter capacitors to fit in the charger. Unlock codes are sent within the same day. The iPad is a surprise, putting out less power than expected. I have had to deal with people who had their phone damaged from using aftermarket chargers.

The plug can be removed and replaced for use in different countries, similar to the iPad and HP TouchPad chargers. One thing I’d be interested to see would motorol how this maps on to the European insistence that everything use a micro-usb cable, so that people can minimise the number of charges they own. Can you please do a review of the charger that can be found at https: Apart from the Hz spikes, the noise spectrum orange is flat canle very low.

Oh, and the Apple MagSafe chargers too! Hi Ken What an incredible article, you have mototola gone above and beyond. The voltage is about 5. Which is below the sag voltage you measured before the current limit was hit. Many things like the Pi have onboard regulation that generates the necessary voltages for the components, as with lots of stuff like phones and laptops. Here is one paper that describes it.


Issues of output power quality aside, is there any reason to suspect that a generic car adapter could be a safety hazard? The above picture shows the twelve chargers I analyzed. The UL markings are counterfeit. Which is a PITA if you want a couple of backups. Cables for Service Boxes. As the load increases, the charger is supposed to keep a constant voltage and increase the current i.

Certainly leaves me avoiding cheap chargers in the future.

The noise level is low, although appreciably worse than the iPhone. You foxlonk measure transient response, which is admittedly tough to do right, so you wouldn’t see the advantage it provides.

The problem is, you’ll never supply the startup-current of a few capacitors on the output this way. The HP touchpad charger looks like a slightly larger version of my old Palm Pre charger. I took apart my orange charger, although I don’t know if it is the same as the ones you are using.