To switch to the capital letter mode or small letter mode, press the Upper Case or Lower Case key. Status Display Indicators Out of Staples When this symbol flashes, the optional finisher is out of staples. With the Document Server If you save your document in the Document Server, you can print it out at any time with the necessary print settings, such as duplex and stapling. The default setting is: Combine Copying Combine Copying Combine copy, combines originals into one copy. Printer You can specify a tray to which documents are delivered. Cleaning the Machine Wipe the copier with a soft, damp cloth and then dry it.

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Hold the both sides of the cartridge.

Printer: Lanier | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Page 71 1 Sided to Magazine Magazine copies two or more originals to make copies in page order when they are folded and stacked. It turns the copier operation on and off while maintaining power to the copier.

Panier Copying If you want to make a copy on a transparency for overhead projection OHPor have the need to use special paper, letterhead, or paper other than that which is in the copier Paper Tray, you may feed this paper into the Stack Feed Bypass Tray.


Lanir the paper tray containing the non-cover sheet paper. Touch the Punch key. The Lanier also comes with a sheet paper tray as well as a 50 sheet bypass tray. Thanks to all the options that are available for the Lanierit is likely to meet your every single need. Set your originals in the docu-ment feeder,then press the Start key.

Lanier 5635 Operator’s Manual

You cannot use the Duplex or the Bypass Tray with this feature. Control Panel – continued Touch Screen 19 18 digit keypad Used to enter copy quantity and to enter numbers when programming.

Press the [Key Operator Tools] key. If more than one copy of your original is required, enter the number of copies you desire using the key pad.

Touch the Erase key. Make your copy selections.

Touch the Date Stamp key. Enter the new file name using the letter keys on the display panel.

The maximum number of copy jobs that can be preset lanifr one time is eight. These settings may be either the Factory Default settings, or Factory Default settings that have been modified permanently by either you or your Service Technician to better fit your application.


Remove the jammed staples. Touch the key to select the chapter number. Page Stamp If Selecting Formats, Then, press the key. Selecting Staple Mode Selecting Staple Mode Depending on the finisher that you have, the following staple positions are available: You cannot confirm which parts overlap the image.

Special Original Used for special origianls. Do Not remove the cap before shaking the Toner Bottle. lxnier

Touch the search byy User Name key. To lanir the addresses, contact your network administrator. Touch the User Stamp key. Touch the 2 sided key for the copy. Tray 1—4 Select the size of the copy paper set in the paper tray. Press the key to select the chapter number. Reinstall the Staple Cartridge.

Enter the new information for the item that you want to change. Staples are not positioned correctly.