To obtain this limited functionality of the copier, consult your Konica service centre. Finisher Specifications continued Procedure 1. Page 75 Section 6: Page 59 Section 6: Inserting a New Staple Cartridge 2. Be sure to utilize the limited function only temporarily, and arrange for machine repair immediately.

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Others, Main Body Specifications Section The copier may not start scanning in some copying conditions. Paper Jam Processing Screen Section The monthly duty cycle of the copier issheets of paper. Page 70 Section 6: Display the following icons.

Page 11 Precaution for Installation and Use Section 1: If this is the case, using the Thin paper mode will reduce the likelihood of paper jams occurring. Reserve Mode and Job List 2.

Konica Minolta Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

Page 47 Section 5: Page 30 Section 3: Page 14 Section 1: Periodic Maintenance Section 5: The Application Selection screen will be displayed. This function sets tray priority, not paper size priority. Page 10 Section 1: All the stored data will be cleared. Copy Density continued Density Shift Density shift divides each of seven density levels into two levels of lighter and three levels of darker. Application Selection Screen This copier allows various application functions to be selected on the Application Selection screen, in addition to the basic copy operation.


In this case, the Rotation icon will be displayed at the upper left corner of the screen.

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Other Koica Functions 2. Page 76 Section 6: Simple Problems Section Display the machine status and procedure required at that time. The Konica uses regular printing paper with measurements between 5. If the coordinates fall out of the range of the standard value in step 4or the buzzer tone does not sound in step 5please contact Konica service representative.

Kohica Operation for Copying continued The standard copying conditions are set as follows.

Lock Job Memory [5] 6. Use minolha function in conjunction with the Reserve function to increase efficiency of the copying job. Page 89 Section 7: Image Quality continued Very High Mode Very high image quality is used for high quality photo output, and does not allow you to select any other copying condition which uses memory.


Konica 7033 Copier Specs

The document feeder is The settings of a locked job cannot be changed. Image Shift continued 3.

Toner Supply continued Preparation The toner may be compact during storage. Page 87 Section 6: Combination Weekly Timer 5.