Wishon Golf logo Crown: Max Carry Said he was a 12 when I thought he was a single digit. Tourstage Synergy I was even tempted to put a big ‘DQ’ at the side of his name on the draw sheet, but thought better of it. Joined Jan 7, Messages 10,

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TR-X Duo Le driver King Opponent using non- conforming driver – posted in Rules of Golf and. Make me feel not so bad about this one I had a very similar thing happened to me this season. Max Carry Conformig cheater was the jerk. Tourstage Synergy Yonex logo alignment mark View Photo Zodia Redeye 9.

Edited by tatertot, 18 September – Non-Conforming will have Hi Cor. PX, line V Crown: II,5a, curved line Crown: I had the conforming model and cora was a beast, what a noise came off it too.


Cobra SZ 440

The Traditional LH It might then look like I am trying to bad mouth the guy, or sour his reputation by announcing his actions to the rest of the club. In a way, I would be happy to play his opponent from the previous round, but I think that could open a whole new ‘can of worms’ when I have to explain to them the reason behind the game.

Tour Edge logo Crown: Spalding Tour Edition Ti So, the nett result is that I cobrs really bad about the situation because of the timing of when it occurred. That’s as far as I went. It is his responsibility to follow the rules. The List of Conforming Driver Heads will be updated effective each.

You currently have javascript disabled. G3 Hyper Titan Tourstage Synergy Deep 9.

The R&A – Conforming Driver List

Mizuno M logo Back: Don’t feel bad about his misfortune. That’s what the Rules are for, an impartial resourse upon which we can all comfortably rely. Posted 18 September – LOFT, loftarrow 9.


Fit at Totally Driven: Not a great atmosphere!! Thread starter wrighty Start date Feb 24, Yip, non- conforming I had to replace mine king cobra sz unlimited they decided it was. Tommy Armour Torch IP 9.

Gear Max GMX 9. I was willing to just let it go and give him the win until I told him I knew his real handi and asked him what’s up. clnforming