Server Menu Table Continue with Programming 6. RS serial connection to the server Serial B port over a modem or a direct serial cable. The processors interface with the system bus at MHz or at MHz. Socket TP Figure Are the video monitor switch settings correct? Secure Mode Secure Mode Secure mode refers to a system state where many of the external inputs and outputs are disabled to prevent tempering.

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Server Board Installations And Upgrades To ensure EMC compliance with your local regional rules and regulations, the final configuration of your end system product may require additional EMC compliance testing.

Please backup data regularly to avoid data loss. Procedures for each are given below. It controls the 4 blue SAS ports on the motherboard. To save the system configuration from the Server Configuration Wizard: Intel product could create a situation where personal injury or death may occur. All DIMMs must be the same speed and architecture.

Did you find this information useful? Zerver the appropriate operating system sutilities, and ze7501hg2 driver s and Continue. From the Service Partition: Reconnect the retention clips. Are there other problems with the system?


Intel SE7501HG2 Product Manual

Server Configuration Wizard In addition, you can select only one of the following at a time: Click once to choose menu items and buttons or to select items in a list, such as the Available Tasks list.

Align the heat sink over the processor and set it into place. Chassis back Chassis back Rotate into chassis opening until shield clicks into place.

Installing the Heat Sink Load Custom Defaults Load values from previously saved custom defaults. The BMC performs the following functions: Re-flash any custom blocks, such as user binary or language blocks.

Specify a filename and location as prompted. Baseboard Management Controller Intel server boards incorporate a baseboard management controller BMCwhich is a dedicated microcontroller for system management activities. Firmware Update Utility Description 7.

RAID Options on Intel® Server Board SPSL

Enabling this option Disabled disables Quiet Boot. Click the Alert Paging Filters button.

It controls the 8 ports on the ROMB card and is independent of any ports on the motherboard itself. When using this chassis, do not install the Processor Wind Tunnel. Bi-directional Normal — Output only. ISM applications interact with the integrated hardware system management features of the server to allow you to monitor and manage a server.


Gently squeeze the tabs at the side of the fan assembly Figure 14, 2 and insert se7501yg2 into the corresponding slots Figure 14, 3. It controls the black SATA intek. Boot the computer with the bootable diskette in drive A.

Raiv assembled, the Processor Wind Tunnel will look similar to the figure below. Intrusion Switch Monitoring Intrusion Switch Monitoring To help prevent unauthorized entry or use of the server, the Intel Server Management software monitors the chassis intrusion switch if one is installed in the chassis. Page of Go. Installing The Serial B Cable System fan numbers can be found on the system fan carrier and on the system fan cables.