Speed 7, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 3 Diameter: From the first page of the thread: Pretty close from the ones I have thrown. FD2 uses a banshee wing and comes in JL as standard: Excellent side arm roller disc as well. It’s really a pity: Therefore we ask you to list and prioritize your color preferences and to give us guidance if the color or weight range you want happens to not be available.

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The “distance driver” stamped banshee is durable beef. At least he could say it. Any opinions or comparisons on these two are welcome and appreciated.

The plastic is amazing and stays in the sweet spot a long time. Good drinking game material. JL Banshees would be awesome. I’m also curious about what people think of cuampion Gstar banshees available at the pro shop and how they compare to the champ banshees.

Innova Champion Banshee Disc Golf Driver g | eBay

I’m ordering a Champion Banshee, not sure if it has flight numbers or not. That disc will complete didtance collection of all current speed 7 Innova Fairway Drivers to go perfectly with my Star Leopard’s. Flies the same though. I’ve had an SE Banshee in the bag well over 2 years and it still flies amazing.


I just have to keep on, keepin on and I feel that my game will come around. This is THE disc for low ceiling back hand shots as well.

But what is Pro Line, Terry? Finding nice Banshees is only a problem if you want max weight. Give it a shot! Lol, beat me to it.

FD2 uses a banshee wing and comes in JL as standard: The new ones are a little domier, while a lot of people just prefer the feel of the PFN plastic. Versatile and dependable, it has a high degree of predictability throw after throw.

Champion Banshee | Innova Fairway Driver Disc Golf Disc

Threw the crap outta that thing. Excellent side arm roller disc as well.

Should get my Echo Star today. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors.

Banshee Champion

Great for spike hyzers, sidearm shots, backhand throws and overhead throws. What others have said: Innova Banshee – DX. I can snap that thing flat and hard and it goes straight with a little right turn and then constantly fades left. Pretty close from the ones I have thrown. My friend found a DX Banshee once, when we first started. Totally stable with nice glide compared to the champion ones.


Innova Champion Banshee Disc Golf Driver 171g

Enter top 3 preferences in this field: I don’t know how they fly but I don’t like their feel at all. An excellent disc golf disc for predictable, dependable flights.

It’s a thing of beauty. Enter the code in the box below: