This will cause xdriver to send the proxy a null packet with the header and trailer bytes specified here when the connection is established. Alternatively, click Apply to save your changes and then select the Recovery Options tab to set the recovery options for the default xdriver. Network1 represents the name ‘of the network and c: Click Next to continue. The chapter describes why you might need to extend the default xdriver, and how to extend it. Select the Advanced tab. Valid port numbers are ,

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The xdrifer sub-tree level is the IP Address list. The new device and RNI will be listed on the tab. This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright.

Welcome, Audience – Echelon OpenLDV User Manual

If the authentication is successful, packets are exchanged in both directions. The Connection Broker will automatically stop if there are no Profiles with uplink session handling enabled. In the responses to local request-response network management commands, the authentication bit is ignored.

For small-scale deployments, it is most efficient to use this as the xdriver database. A Division xrriver Cisco Systems, Inc. For more information on the xdriver network interface naming convention, see Downlink Sample Applications on page If you experience software behavior changes as a result of another software installation, you can repair this product installation through the following procedure: Logging off one user and onto another is not sufficient.


This authentication key must be a unique, character hexadecimal string representing the bit MD5 key that is used by the RNI. Readers of this guide.

OpenLDV Programmer’s Guide, xdriver Supplement

It can be used to identify the SCO. If it accepts the session, the connection is established, and packets are exchanged in both directions.

The Language of the Internet Protocols A protocol is a language or set of rules that two or more computers use to communicate 2 Protocol Analogy: Lookup[Type], where [Type] represents the type of external database management system you are using. This request for connection is usually caused when the RNI receives a message with a qualifying message type code.

Use this guide to set up Geozones, update and delete devices, manage alarms, manage group controllers.

You must enter an IP address in the form x. To do so, select the interface name from the General pull-down list above the code box. Then, select the Simple Object icon and click Next.

OpenLDV Network Driver ReadMe |

This document provides information about BlackBerry Enterprise. This iilon be used as a lookup key to access the proper Registry entry each time xdriver initiates a connection to xdricer interface. C-1 Sample Lookup Extension Component Item NetworkInterfaces As String method. Read the terms of the license agreement and, if you agree to the terms, click I Accept to continue.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Although it is being phased out of product software, it may be encountered for some time to come. After you initially compile the project, change the compatibility type to binary.

Welcome, Audience | Echelon OpenLDV User Manual | Page 3 /

Legal Notice The information in this publication is furnished for information use only, and does not constitute More information. This ensures illon monitor point update events sent after a network requests an uplink session but before the network and its monitor set are opened by an LNS application are not lost, so that the user will receive the monitor point update event that caused the uplink session.

The fields on the Lookup tab can only be modified during development of the Profile. If the authentication flag is enabled, this represents the authentication key to be used for the session. Initially, xddriver current authentication key must match the authentication key configured into the RNI for the connection to be established.

NetworkInterface to desired xdriver networkinterface e.