It handles a wide range of print media size and thickness commonly used by financial institutions. Unless indicated otherwise, these specify features are available only at time of manufacture. Uni-directional PC Parallel communication Attachment Feature or Bi-directional universal serial bus communication at speeds up to 1 Mbps. The cutform with size in the range, 79 – mm W x Features – No charge.

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The high speed print capability allows operator to minimize time spent in waiting for print operation to complete, whereby improving the efficiency of the operator. It also reduces the error rate of printing information on a wrong passbook. Customers currently using these printers can enjoy the enhanced capabilities of by simply replacing it with Prior to the availability of USB attachment capability, Model A01 will be equipped with prknter type s of attachment ports, serial and ibmm.

A01 IBM Multi-Purpose Passbook Printer Model A01

The support of emulations, both IBM and non-IBM, allows the Model Pdinter to be used with most of the popular turnkey software packages, thereby giving you more freedom when it comes to selecting software solutions. Replaces base operator panel.

Serial or USB attachment via finance printer device driver or device support code Corequisites: The printer has print span of 3 mm to mm from the left edge with minimum distance from the top and bottom edge of a medium being 6. Want to use your own freight account for shipping? The quiet operation less than 54 dB of the printer provides a better work environment for the ;assbook and will not interrupt a conversation in carrying out sales or consultations.


It should be noted, however, that minor limitations exist to the compatibility. This capability substantially reduces the time required for the operator to wait for the print operation to complete and allows the operator to make efficient use of their time.

IBM Passbook Printers

PR2 Plus offers a complete solutions with a wide range of benefits, includes, but is not limited to:. This requires less skills on the part of the operator in performing printing tasks and allows operators to concentrate on the processing of transactions.

Provides optional B-Loop Attachment Feature — allows migration from system environment to PC based system environment without replacing printers. The PR9 uses new ;rinter of ink ribbon to print up to ten million characters, to provide your organisation with optimum value for money. However, IBM advises that for objects that exceed 15 kg might have an adverse effect on the operation of and should be tested prior to installation.

IBM 9068-S01 Passbook Printer

The specify codes listed below must be used when an alternative to the plant country default is required. Language will be determined by the plant based on the country code of the order. Vertical fold print line perpendicular to centerfold stitch Maximum thickness cover closed: The Planning and Programming Guide should be consulted for more details.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The printer has print span printsr 3 mm to mm from the left edge with minimum distance from the top and bottom edge of a medium being 1. PR2 Plus adapts the highest level of industry standards. Errors usually occur when a separate hand-swipe magnetic stripe reader unit is used because the integrity of passbook operation depends heavily on operator precaution while handling the passbook. Function not supported when attached to a PC via parallel port.


Includes operating information for the IBM Description: Two operators can share the same The double byte character font available in DBCS Mode is ib, one of the following code page sets of each country.

It handles a wide range of print media size and thickness commonly used by financial institutions. The font selection is determined by the country from which the order is loaded.

Passbook Printer | PR2 Plus | Bank Equipment | Passbook Printer | PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara

Product life cycle dates. This makes the an ideal component to configure operator workstation at a branch office of financial institutions. A device driver which corresponds to each operating system is required for serial attachment. The prlnter capable of handling a variety of print media horizontal and vertical fold passbooks, multipart cutforms, envelopes, etc.

By specifying the attachment type, Model A01 will be shipped out with the respective attachment port activated. Operator panel overlay is supplied in languages per the specify codes.