Use the AC power supply defined in the specifications of the charger. Switch Display With this option you can switch between image windows: Page 30 Phone Password The phone password is used to protect your phone from unauthorized use. Both methods, with original USB cable or using generated code based on your phone’s IMEI serial number will unlock your phone in no time. Sent The Sent is used to save the multimedia messages that have been sent successfully. To remove a memory card, open the rubber cap and press the memory card gently.

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In the future, devices and service systems that use WAP will be able to interoperate.

Press to access the Edit number screen. When the battery power level is very low, the phone makes alarm sounds and dis- plays corresponding prompt boxes regularly. Zohaib amjad tere naal mp3 song download. You can use the WAP service to obtain such information as homepage, WAP gateway, data account and connection type provided by the operator or service provider.

A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a technology allowing stereo sound to be streamed via Bluetooth from any audio huawie mobile phone, PC or laptop to a stereo speaker or headset.

Support available around the clock through Support Desk and Huawei u Huawei phones Orange Poland. Page With this option you can use the Contacts during a video call. Page Improper insertion may result in electric shock, fire, or explosion. You can use the U phone to answer up huawel 6 incoming calls simultaneously. Page 35 V-Call to make a video call.


You can execute operations on the contents of the memory card.

To remove it, follow the procedures reversed to those when the USIM card is loaded. Then, the DTMF tone of your pressing keys is not sent to the other party. The man- agement of the Folder is similar to that for the Drafts or Template. Drafts The Drafts is used to save the multimedia messages you created and saved and those failed to be sent.

Network Setup From here you can change settings huaweo to the network.

Huawei U Manuals

Stream Media With this function, you can enjoy stream media files on line. You can find out the copyright information by viewing the properties of the DRM files.

Send Your phone number will be shown if the network has enabled this service. Page Operation Description 1.

Unlock | Huawei | U | Codes

Page 65 This option is used to cancel your selection upon the information of a dialed call. Alarm Clock With this function, you can set several alarms, including setting prompting messages, prompting ring tones and the cycle time for alarm clocks.

Go back to the previous level menu. Deleting A Contact Entry To delete one entry, just perform the next step directly. Such invalid codes may disable unlock by code methods. You can perform this function on the screens of missed calls, the received calls or the dialed calls.


Huawei U526 Manuals

Go to… With this function, you can switch to a certain date directly. Pause, the music file is still in pause status after you an- swer the call and ring off. Select You can access the selected Java games and applications. At the same time, the U phone provides the function of formatting the memory card. Press it to delete a character before the cursor. When you connect a USB device to your PC, Windows should detect the device and even install the drivers needed to use it.

Page 69 Delete or Delete all to delete the selected numbers or all num- bers. Page PIN code.

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