I guess you can take a closer look at the damaged ports, and if you find any number printed on the ports try searching on Google. I am currently opening the laptop up looking for any obvious broken hardware. To remove to cable from the motherboard, I just pulled it. My question is this: Followed your step-by-step procedure-great pictures especially the colored highlights. Following your instructions, I took everything apart and I found that the cooling assembly was packed with lint, making this laptop shut down due to thermal within 2 minits from boot. There are no new motherboards out there, they all refurbished.

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And it works on this DV!

Could it be possible I have the loosened pins soldered or the USB port jacks have to be replaced with a new one? I disassembled on yesterday and it was good, however 2 thin screws were left alone…: I didnt notice on your pictures here.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

There is no locking clip. This piece of plastic will not allow the cable to bent while you are inserting into the connector. If you having a problem with sound with 2OSes and Linux, this is motherboard related failure. I used your instructions.


How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

I am having the exact same problem as Chaz. I found this as I was looking for information on how to add an internal BT module to my DVem, I was of course hoping in might be easier to access, but if I read the guide correctly, you need to strip the laptop down to the very basics and remove the MOBO?

Try starting the laptop from a bootable CD. I only removed the rams and my hard drive and I only came until step Can you test the laptop with an external monitor. You can find a new replacement fan for Pavilion dv on ebay.

After that test voltage on the DC jack. I just looked at the official service manual for dv So, I just tried what you advise and follow step 4.

I just need your advise on what i am going to do. Can you help me please. It seems like it cant locate it or something.

Do you have any ideas? Any hinjts would be so appreciated.

HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop chipset drivers

Ever heard of this or know what to check? Both the bottom covers to the Memory and Hard Drive were hotter than the battery and cover below the fan. I attached the the power cord to it and plugged it to the outlet, the blue light at connection at the lap top came on but noting would come on.


Apply new thermal grease on the processor. I already reseated both RAM chips but to no avail…. So, something is wrong inside the laptop. My HP Pavilion dv sometime starts and works fine; however sometimes it will start and the screen will have lines and be greenish yellow.

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If that means not activating the video camera that is okay. I then noted that the heatsink does not sit flush with the nvidia chip, and therefore used chipzet British one pence piece with some thermal paste either side of it and placed this on top of the nvidia chip.

First is the issue with the screen.

Only showing my Chioset Do not separate the clip from the base, it must stay connected to the base. A quick question, if you would be so kind: After much tinkering, baking was the answer.