In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate Cucumber with Selenium Webdriver. On the other hand, if we want to get the fourth element only if it is a li element, we can use a filtered nth-child which will select Car in this case. Take a note of its Tag and ID. Navigate to Mercury Tours’ Homepage and login using “tutorial” as the username and password. The reason why only the Email or Phone text box was highlighted in the previous illustration is that it comes first in Facebook’s page source. Selenium IDE should be able to access the Password label as shown in the image below.

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This value should always be enclosed in a pair of parentheses “”.

We are going to access the One Way radio button first. However, most of them do need Locators. Each element is indexed with a number starting from 0 just like an array You specify which element you wish to access by putting its index number into the square brackets in getElementsByName’s syntax below. In webdriger situation, we have to locate the element by both class and style. What is a Scrollbar? Locators in Selenium IDE: Currently working in an MNC.

Notice that the One Way radio button became selected.

She has an exclusive experience in the field of Software Testing. We can use the same approach to locate webdirver id and class attributes, however, there are short forms that we can use to make it more readable.


To access the Password input box, simply replace the value of the tabindex attribute. Filters are additional attributes used to distinguish elements with the same name. Take a note of its Tag and ID. When multiple elements have the same HTML tag and attribute, only the first one will be recognized.

Learn CSS Selector Selenium WebDriver Tutorial [Without Using Any Tools]

Notice that the form containing it has no ID and name attributes. CSS is always same irrespective of browsers. Alternatively, you can use the element’s name instead of its index and obtain the same result. So, how do we access them? Click the Find button, and Selenium IDE should be able to highlight the “Business class” radio button, as shown below.

One of the most important aspects of test automation is to be able to identify different elements on the page to interact with. How to Click a Link by href value in WebDriver.

Locating by DOM – dom: If we want to select the fourth li element Goat in this list, we can use the nth-of-type, which will find the fourth li in the list. Log on to Mercury Tours using “tutorial” as the username and password. This shows you that Selenium IDE can access a long label even if you just indicated the first word of its inner text. Locating by CSS Selector is more complicated than the previous methods, but it is the most common locating strategy of advanced Selenium users because it can access even those elements that have no ID or name.


You should notice that the “Boston to San Francisco” label becomes highlighted. This behavior is similar to locating elements using CSS selectors with the same tag and class.

Locators in Selenium IDE: CSS Selector, DOM, XPath, Link Text, ID

Firefox should take you to the Flight Finder screen. Take a note of its Tag and Class. A Scrollbar is a lets you move around screen in horizontal or vertical Sumasri is a Sr.

We sepectors also use string matchers to locate elements. Since this tutorial was created, Facebook has changed their Login Page Design. As such they are patterns that match against elements in a tree and are one of several technologies that can be uses to select nodes in an XML document.