First, thanks for the article—this needed to be said. Loft accounts for far more of the distance difference between any two clubs than will length so you should see adequate distance between the two at In my book changing a face angle from 9 degrees to 12, and closing or opening by a couple of degrees is really a lot. For a golfer with a mph driver clubhead speed, that random difference in CT can mean a carry distance difference of 5 to 6 yards. If you were back in the states I would gladly build your club for free for you as shipping wouldn’t take anytime. On the windup, he moves his lower body first, then his arm; on the forward motion, he leads again with the lower body, the arm trailing.

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Going to be adjustingia ssume the fix is in the swingweight formula. Lessons and practice, not an extra two inches on our shafts!

” driver head weight – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Iron Byron hits the ball in the center of the clubface every time and therefore get the max ball speed every time—I should be so lucky. As such a 5g increase in headweight is really not going to be visible headwight ball speed change as that is too small.


Right now thinking of going to The impact tape sequence was great and amazingly better for Dan and Mark with the shorter driver.

Had a titleist on site fitting way back when with the K model. As a club fitter I am constantly fitting customers to With length and proper shaft comes club head speed.

It is also possible to pose the discussion that it could be beneficial to use the spine as the axis of rotation for MOI matching since we do rotate the club about our spine during the 34.5. As much as everyone wants to hit the ball yards, there is one cold, hard fact that all golfers have to accept. Dan Reese 3 years ago.

Brian 5 years ago.

Also, I was fitted for a 14g draw bias surefit weight. I could see some 60g shafts taking well over g.

The Club House :: Erie’s Golf Club Mechanic

So is there a benefit to not going too light on the static weight of the club? Let me give you a plastic baseball inhc and a wooden baseball bat, which will hit a ball further? Posted April 2, Is Long Really Longer? Second, the headweight in the club built with the light graphite shaft will be greater for the same swingweight than the headweight in the club built with a heavier steel shaft. Then you have the point of impact on the face vs the roll radius on the face vs what 43.


loft is at that point.

What possible changes with just adding weight in the grip only do to club headweighht speed, gof, shaft stiffness and spin? I have g head with an 79g shaft cut to I am wondering if you could help me figure out something. The time now is Are golfers better ball strikers today than 20 years ago?

In Diagram 3, you can now see the actual difference in the radius of rotation about the spine for the two different golfers that comes from an early release.

Doc Griffin 4 years ago.

43.5 inch 910 D3 DRIVER

Mu launch monitor fitting of senior golfers shows the same result: Most golfers will gain more control in going shorter because that lowers the MOI of the club. I guess I will make all of these clubs 1″ apart in gokf.

Avg distance off the tee AND Avg fairways in reg I dont lose distance average and its alot more accurate. Thanks for this study. You may be interested in an article at http: