Visit our adblocking instructions page. Tada talks shooting brake cars, BMW and dogs in part two of this interview. I regularly took my nine- and six-year old to school one in the passenger seat, one in the back , but not once did we all go out as a family. Consider an automatic CVT transmission option for non-manual drivers as well to pick-up that end of the market. In view of your comments we will certainly give them a nudge on your behalf but no news in the pipeline at the moment. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. It was discontinued in , while still on-sale in Japan until

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For me, the Toyota clearly wins this comparison, but I keep wondering if the soft top MX-5 would have had more of a chance. Sign In Sign Up. And I still seem to be getting closer to the official mpg figures at As a result, the TT is the better long-term buy and it barely costs any more to lease.

First impressions suggest sportiness combined with a complete lack of intimidation; rag it, definitely.

Toyota GT86 review: fun in slow-mo

Thank you for sharing Mr Tada! Maybe Toyota will add more power eventually, but keep in mind that both the Supra and MR2 had base models that were more affordable, and yet their fates were still sealed. The time now is Originally Posted by mattles I find that hard to believe because there are several owners over 6’2”.


The driver and passenger have reasonable legroom and elbow room, but the roof is low and so head space is constrained. The twins are unique in their market.

I should be able to drive it tomorrow and I’ll see if it actually an issue. He trains them on an airfield in a 1. At low revs it has a deep and purposeful burble, and I like the mechanical intensity when you reach for the rpm high notes.

Leave the soft drivers to the excellent Mustang V6. Originally Posted by old greg Proportions make a big difference. Admittedly, new GT86 looks much like old GT86 at a glance, and there are no powertrain changes: Send a private message to EBrake. Find out more in our other Toyota GT86 posts or on the Toyota website.

Tada: How Toyota and Subaru created the GT86

I’m just over 6’3 and long drives can give me aches. Most Read Stories Toyota tyre pressure and size guide. Despite being made inthe GT86 feels classic to drive — and a world apart from most acronym-filled, tech-assisted contemporaries.

As a BRZ owner I can not think of nothing more horrifying than a 2. I wondered if the inch tyres were to blame, perhaps because they were running out of grip before the brakes were running out of stopping power. Including that, erm, deleted wing.


I have always loved light entertaining cars to drive. No not had this problem, seat as far back and as low as possible. The Mazda MX-5 convertible comes closest to being a direct rival, and you can get hot hatches with more power for similar money, but five years since its launch, the GT86 continues to have the affordable rear-drive sports yall niche to itself.

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Who is the tallest driver here? – GT86/BRZ General Chat – Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ Drivers Club

When the Toyota GT86 arrived last spring, I wondered if the novelty of an affordable Japanese sports car would wear thin over a long-term tenure. Send a private message to mattles. This car is rapidly gt68 him a legend in the automotive industry.

You need handling and speed for gt6 balanced sports car. I think if you place the 2. Only niggle I have is if I don’t take those extra few seconds to get myself settled properly before setting off Wanted to change it and drove the GT 86 here in New Zealand.