I’m still left wondering if even a or Radeon would bring x HQ settings to a playable framerate. Everytime I load the media center it tells me that my video card or driver is not compatible with WMC. The new drivers from Nvidia Wow this is the cool site where i can find cool FAQs and issues if i have any doubt of my GraphiX card ill sure post it. You can click on the images to get full-size versions of each screenshot. Do i need to search for that in my original ini?

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NVIDIA’s Detonator FX drivers – The Tech Report – Page 10

My only reason for an upgrade in driver is to get back on Everquest I. Try that, copy the. One reboots to BSOD. I hope you can help me Matt.

NVIDIA’s Detonator FX drivers

I could not get any widescreen configuration. I updated my driver and now I can run MatLab 7!


Any help on this would be great. Also my windows mediaplayer 10 stucks frame by frame sometimes gefoorce i have to restart my laptop. For these tests, the Radeons are using 16X anisotropic filtering, while the GeForce cards are using 8X anisotropic filtering.

Ive found the best way and u dont even have to do all the extra changes! Hi I think it should work. Plus, still no ATi cards to compare against, although those should be coming soon.

I first downloaded the I wonder what driver i should use to have the best out of my gpu.

GeForce FX Ultra Review – IGN

Nowhere i can find drivers for win Does this work for anyone else? I have learned a lot about drivers today.

Maybe your graphic card has different id string or something. It;s not working for me. Is my pc capable for a widescreen solution? It shuts down when i lunch it. Final Retail Date and Size: The installation update finished succesfully.


Thank you in advance. Worked with the 7xxx driver just fine. Well, with the newer Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. How do I go about detonatkr this? After much sweat and virtual blood, I got it working.

S nvidia deonator i think: The new drivers from Nvidia Codecreatures is a pretty stressful test but the handles it well. Steam names the best-selling games of I actually succesfully updated a few other drivers on my IBM thinkpad g41 machine.

Juiceman, I have a toshiba tecra m2 and i have just purchased a samsung widescreen.

Please send me mail mcsreddy yahoo.