Driverless printing for remote users Driverless printing for remote users with CentreWare Internet Services web utility. The transfer of knowledge, data and communication of information is critical to the efficiency and productivity of business today. Security at every level. With this technology, the fusing unit does not require pre-heating and doesn’t consume power when the machine is in standby mode. Should a leak occur, you can trace and locate the disclosed documents as well as the source of the leak including who, where, when, which and how, by performing keywords or content searches of the stored images on the core server. Device Setup Tool allows for simplified device configuration and administration, and lets you easily clone configurations to other similar devices on the network.

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It provides a consistent, easy-to-use interface for end-users, reducing the number of support calls, and simplifying print services management.

Effectively manage printing costs in your office Effectively manage printing costs in your office. Hard disk encryption Hard disk encryption helps ensure that unauthorised users can’t access stored documents.

Settings include paper sizes, covers, duplexing, finishing and more. Users can tailor the final output settings of their documents by selecting ‘standard’, ‘photo’, ‘presentation’, ‘design’, ‘CAD’ or ‘POP’ to suit the image type they require, as well as setting the colour balance or choosing an ICC profile.

This clever technology c375 unnecessary operational steps and the operator can use the device immediately.

ApeosPort-IV C3375 Drivers & Downloads

Induction Heating Fusing Technology incorporates a thin, non-magnetic metal as the heating layer inside the fuser belt which enables greater energy efficiency. It works effortlessly as the f device in an office to provide stable, trouble-free productivity and apsosport image quality for every business requirement. To speed up copying and faxing To speed up copying and faxing an express simple copy and fax feature is available that displays only the basic settings.


It also provides information on which devices are heavily used and breaks down often so you can make informed decisions on deploying your office equipment. Faxes can be routed directly to an email account to conserve energy and paper.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort – IV C

If you do not want to receive faxes from specific or unlisted numbers they can be rejected. We all want to help protect the environment. Effectively manage printing costs in your office. What’s more, offices will enjoy a much quieter environment. Walk-up simplicity Print from and scan to any USB memory device for faster document delivery when you’re not at your computer. By cutting out waste and using less energy we can also improve the performance aeosport and profits – of our business.

It makes good business sense too. To maximise your ApeosPort investment, leverage on Fuji Xerox’s comprehensive consultancy expertise to customise the web services available through the Web Browser on your ApeosPort.

Security at every level.

DocuCentre-IV C3375 Drivers & Downloads

It also saves energy while the operator achieves new productivity levels, without even noticing. The latest scan-export compression technologies reduce traffic on the network and accelerate document delivery.

This enables the device to activate only the modules required by the user, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

This reduces the volume of paper required in an office and eliminates the need for unnecessarily printing faxes. Reporting and management tools CentreWare Internet Services CentreWare Internet Services software makes it easy for administrators to configure the device, upload address books, monitor usage and consumables remotely and establish auditing capabilities.


It enables a secure access by entering a user ID or swiping a card before getting their documents.

Device authentication restricts access to copy, print, scan and fax features by validating user names and passwords before use. Even if the device is always set to sleep mode for low power consumption, users don’t experience any delays in set-up and operation.

The Follow-You Printing with Secure Document release increases mobility and productivity by allowing your staff to output documents at any networked printer within your office. For example, set two-sided printing or choose N-up for printing multiple pages on a single sheet as your default.

Save time by storing the settings of frequently printed documents as favourites in your print driver.

Extending your capabilities with Apeos Solutions Extending your capabilities with Apeos Solutions The transfer of knowledge, data and communication of information is critical to the efficiency and productivity of business today. Environmental performance combined with stunning print performance. Investigative work that was once tedious and time-consuming now becomes swift and effortless!

Scan to Folder feature allows you to scan to a folder on the printer’s hard drive to reprint on demand or retrieve via a web browser.