Speedtest is in python and might cause some CPU usage to craft the packets. Test 1 — 2. Main problem actually was interpretation of understanding the labelling on the ENC-module. Although the protocol is bit banged, the correct pins were used that it could be native spi as well. Don’t know yet, because PhilE hasn’t finished the code or the docs for it. July 11, at 8:

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Main problem actually was interpretation of understanding the labelling on the ENC-module.

December 3, at There doesn’t seem a way to trace just for this module, which seems like it would be a helpful feature. Just out of curiosity Alex, is the schematic for RaspioDuino available anywhere?

December 2, at I was thinking a combination of the ZeroPi and Duino would be an excellent choice to create some smallish sensor nodes. Once all software was installed I swapped to a wifi dongle.


It looks like I had a typo. Pi Zero at 12 MHz 3. No matter how I try to run it, it always fails. It might therefore be better practice to run it from a separate supply. September 7, at When it arrived I did a classic geek thing. Of course, which is exactly what many people do.

I would need network comms, preferably wired hence my interest in getting wired ethernet to work, but wireless may suffice I will experiment some more.

CONFIG_ENC28J60: ENC28J60 support

linuxx December 7, at 3: Alternatively I guess you could try hacking something like https: According to that, page 80 states a power usage of mA which is a lot more than the nominal 60 mA 3V3 rail enc28j6 on the Pi. December 3, at 3: There could be any conflicts in dhcpcd.

Has anyone found any good low-profile NICs for the Zero? Can anyone give me some hints on how i can accomplish this?

network programming – Linux enc28j60 driver always times out on transmit – Stack Overflow

Added spi-config to rc. So, you should be ljnux to power it through the 5V pin instead of the 3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I suppose you could force a static IP address. January 14, at 7: I correctly find new eth1 interface running ifconfig missing interface if enc28j60 module unconnected. I’ll give that a go The pins are labelled slightly differently as well.


June 7, at 1: Your mileage may vary.

Perfect for integrating a Pi Zero as printserver directly into my printer. JFYI, there is function tracer in the kernel.

Can I use enc28j