Have you got any suggestions at all? Whatever ports I try and open, port checker websites indicate they are closed, although they are set up in the router’s port forwarding. After refreshing list of connected devices router doesn’t see camera. I have set up a port forward service on my router, is this all I have to do? Unknown October 31, at

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By “not compatible” do you mean you can’t login or you’re unable to set it to the password of your choosing? I do have one question that I have not been able to answer.

Great Guide, I am having this problem aswell For those who have problems with WIFI: It might be repeatedly sending out pings to the DNS server, failing and re-trying constantly, although I think this is unlikely. Really can’t figure out what has happened. Anonymous February 20, at Once the Camera reboots then set the port forward.


I cannot access my cam via the internet. Any idea on how to display their monitor. When I do the wizard thing, it immediately finds something, though without an ip address or sub or nothing but…it stays for about 4 or 5 seconds and… Disappear…???

I appreciate your help. Incendeo Enterprise Account Number: I set it and it works. We spent hours trying to find the recorded videos and thanks to your answer, we found the videos!

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Good luck to you all. BUT, I don’t see any video on either te computer or the iPhone! Canera looked everywhere online and can’t find the exact dimensions to order a suitable extension for my AC adapter. Mark Remi August 4, at 4: Hi I am also having a problem to view my camera over the internet.

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I managed to do most things but when I click on “open” to view the easyn camera a webpage comes up saying “Oops! Derik August 31, at 8: Does anyone have the two way audio working? Thanks so much for all the articles. If the product is warrantable caemra check-up, we shall be responsible for the repair fee and postage sending the repaired product from us back to you.


I assume this has to do with the FTP settings. Chartez Morton February 28, at 5: I have set up a port forward service on my router, is this all I have to do?

Anonymous March 19, at 9: I am having problems connecting to the ip camera over the internet, it was working all fine up till two days ago. Hi Phil, I want to buy your product, but the problem is the default ip address, how do I access it? There will be some wear and tears unless otherwise specified. Incendeo Enterprise accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occurring during transport of the return. Sapresti guidarmi in tal senso?