His eyes were slanted in a sinister manner. You wouldn’t believe what happened with Tentomon several weeks ago,” Izzy sighed as he dialed up Sora’s number on his cell phone. She was wearing a pink dress, white socks and brown shoes. A Revision , for replying to my review. If you hope to ever reach your full potential in your fused form, you will more time under my watch. Time to get Biyomon and head out to Kari’s! Mutalior’s Dark Hand Arrives!

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What do we do? Hello Kari How are you doing?

Sitting next the boy was an orange, tyrannosaur creature with green eyes. All was well, until now…. So says the tyrant….

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The Northern Digital World was on the countdown to destruction. You have no idea just how excited I am about this! With that said, the teen flew in defeat and was engulfed by the blast. You bet your sorry butt I’m coming!


I can’t forget the time you nearly raided that sushi bar without your disguise! For Sora, I know she carries her cell phone.

The teen screamed out in horror as his life started to replay through his mind. As Kari walked out, she stepped inside her father’s workroom and hopped on the chair. Just who is this hired assassin? You’ll never regret this. They set off to meet with their fellow Digi-Destined.

The seated figure stared directly towards the large monitor screen. I bet they’ve gotten stronger. His body broke down into fragments of data and the sphere quickly slams into the Digital World. Gennai was nowhere to be found and neither were the eight Digi-eggs. We can’t call Joe since he’s in an exam right now. The blur stopped and a figure was facing off against the creature carv the hovercraft.

As if right on cue, the doorbell rang.

Digi Fusion – PChome Global

Once hearing the announcement from Izzy, young Takeru “T. Because I’m going to make you pay for you’re sins. I just hope it’s sooner than later. I’ll be there in a few!


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His eyes grew wary of the object with major suspicion. Vard didn’t want to be separated from them. She grabbed her clothes and closed the door behind her inside the closet. Nothing digifusion the feel of books. It has been a never-ending cycle of warfare and military campaign.

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They each wore military armored suits to represent the empire and sported scouter-devices on their faces to track down power readings. I’m rather enjoying the fireworks.

We have to be sure to tell everyone!