Graininess is non-existent and all text and images can be produced with high clarity. At the time of writing Dell offers two different panels for the Precision M Because an optional UMTS module is also available the last limiting factor drops out too. The Dell Precision M is with its 14 inch screen the smallest notebook of the powerful workstation series from Dell. Here you can, e. Dell Precision M Average Score: If standard office applications are run, the fan is decently audible from the background.

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Dell Precision M2400 User Review

The Samsung panel SEC is a tad more washed out, but still provides excellent luminance and similar viewing angles. Ex factory Dell offers a 3 years warranty with service on the next working day for the Precision M The construction principles and the used materials are the same.

Away from a power outlet, the Precision M’s battery has an acceptable precisin. For that price, we’d like to have more hard drive capacity, 4GB of RAM and Bluetooth as well as a fingerprint reader installed by default. Only 18 left in stock – order soon.

The Dell Precision M’s relative lightness is due to the magnesium alloy chassis, which also makes this notebook very strong.

Because the size of the case has an direct impact on the reserve capacities in terms of performance, because the built-in hardware finally has to be sufficiently cooled, the Precision M’s performance is also lowest of this model lineup.


Applying pressure from the back does not cause any color distortions either. The built-in loudspeakers have a clear, but thin sound. The build quality and features of the Precision M are first class, and its speed is undeniable.

Partner with leading Independent Software Vendors ISVs to certify system and application compatibility Conduct rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance Base every Dell Precision on standards-based technologies.

Within the past precisioh, I have purchased 2 Dell laptops from the Dell outlet store. The Dell Precision M comes standard with a 56Wh lithium-ions battery 6-cells. The noise from the fan is audible and can get a little irritating at times; especially when the M is parked vell the docking station running nothing but the necessary tasks for operating Vista and antivirus software in the background.

Dell Precision M (PP27L) RAM Memory Removal & Installation

Even on maximum resolution of x Pixel and on high details, Fraps recorded permanentely 30 fps when we had a peek at the demo. System Noise In idle mode and under Office load the fan ran permanently.

It looks big and menacing at first glance, but it’s not actually as heavy as it looks. Another important aspect is that the M can handle outdoor operation with ease as it is equipped with a very bright and non-reflecting display. Visit our network of sites: So, it is in principal possible to play this shooter, but, as there are sometimes short jerks, you won’t be really competitive.


Dell Precision M in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized | eBay

The Precision M is playing with a good hand for outdoor operation. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, preecision much more.

The ‘shrinked’ M also looks the same than its bigger brother, also including a striking silver display lid. Would you buy this? You also get a dual-band July 21, It allows to quickly remove the Prexision M from a complex office environment with many connected peripherals. Mobile Performance without Compromise Experience the ultimate in performance and portability with the Dell Precision Dfll Weighing just nearly 2.

Video of Display’s Viewing Angles. Called Dell Control Point is eases working with this notebook. You can also use a shortcut to launch the ControlPoint application, and there are physical buttons for changing the volume and toggling the wireless adapter. As expected from a 2 channel built-in speaker system, the speakers lack bass, and the treble-heavy audio can easily disgust any audiophile.

This display size represents a treshold between the small sizes of subnotebooks and ultrabooks and the standard-sizes of office- and multimedia laptops on precisioj other hand.