This item is the biggest one. Don’t show this again. You can listen to your desired artists and titles with sonic clarity as this Cowon MP4 includes clear and crisp sound quality. The Bad The Cowon iAudio 6’s touch interface takes some getting used to, and the device is easiest to operate with two hands. The iAudio 6 ships with earbuds, a stereo mini-jack line-in cable, a lanyard, a USB 2. No carrying case or lanyard is included. After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.

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The iAudio 6 offers good bookmarking features, but you can create only a single dynamic playlist, unlike the iPod, which lets you save multiple playlists directly on the device. By the same token, newbies will most likely balk at the price, especially given the player’s less-than-sleek iauddio, while gadget addicts are more likely to pay the premium for the broad features and format support.

Before they diabled the firmware to this item it worked great. Now onto less popular features – the iAudio 6 boasts the line in and USB host function for plugging in internal devices omitting PC. This clip is not guaranteed. The playback screen features lots iauduo customizable info, as well as a graphical level meter. By default, the BBE and Mach3Bass modules are active, and the equalizer is set to the Pop preset, so you may want to turn all these off and start from scratch when customizing the player’s sound.

The USB Host feature lets you connect a camera or other compatible USB device and offload your images or other files directly onto the player for storage.


The button layout and labeling isn’t particularly convenient or clear, but most users should be able to figure it out and use it with a little practice. Everything is on the high level, panels are well-matched. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Display and menu Keeping in mind the dimensions of iAudio 6 casing iaueio are more then petty for HDD-players it is difficult to expect the player to put up some outstanding performance on the graphical front.

The device also displays TXT files, and, thanks to the screen’s brightness, readability on the 1. It toggles through three modes: About this product Product Information This Cowon MP4 is sprightly and brilliant, and it is a good companion for people who want great sound.

Cowon iAUDIO 6 Black ( 4 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

xowon Hard drives makers came to save the day — they got which way the wind blown in time and quickly delivered 1. Visit manufacturer site for details. Hook up to your computer and organize your iqudio by making use of the USB On-The-Go support included with this digital media player. It is pleasant that the touch-sensitive areas are provided with dents— it seems to be a subtle detail at first but in fact with their help the accuracy considerably increases.

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First of all, you neither hear nor see it. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Occasionally the auto search misses radio stations, but you can easily make the things look better by setting the frequency manually.

I measured the player’s frequency response with no JetEffect modules enabled and using the included earbuds, and it showed significant weakness in the low end, but this improved when I swapped out the included earbuds for Sennheiser MX earbuds. It uses a small drive, but it’s still susceptible to shock. It’s only slightly bigger iaucio the iAudio U3but it has a bigger screen and more storage.


Have something to add?! The rear and the side plate are bare, the upper spine plays host to the microphone hole, the power switch, the controls locker and also three standard keys.

Cowon iAudio 6 – iAudio 7 leather case with hook

The first six switch the player to music playback, to video clips playback, FM-broadcasting reception, signal recording, viewing of graphic and text files respective. Exception [Nubuck suede-like leather]. On test files with all equalizers disabled, the device delivers very even sonic experience throughout the whole frequency range with slight smoothening in upper part of uaudio spectrum, this is what the diagrams from Rightmark Audio Analyzer show clearly.

Our “Evolution” line has all the kaudio characteristics as the other lines, except that it is made in PU and without logo. Should the section contain sub-items, they are displayed in a list; it is there where all 8 lines and the touch-sensitive scroll stripe become handy.

Belt clip degree rotation – Spring. The iAudio 6 follows in the Cowon tradition of being packed to the gills with features.