The result is a nice relative low output resistance but there is a price to pay. I received the Aikido PCB today – thank you for the first rate shipping speed. Since I am still getting e-mail asking how to buy these GlassWare software programs:. Still, the concept is simple enough. A second advantage not often appreciated in the literature is that the output tube can be overdriven without shifting its bias point.

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With the 18Vdc power supply and the missing two EL34s this is not possible; much like a Christmas-tree string of lights, all the tubes must be in their sockets for any of them to heat up. No follwer cap is used between the current-sense resistor and the top triode’s grid and the inductor load functions like a constant-current source. Here is what I had in mind.

Simple Tube Math & White Cathode Follower Power Buffers

The little that cannot be accounted for due to laziness can be ascribed to lack of time. This solution makes a lot of sense, as the cathode follower offers a gain close to unity and a low output impedance.

The result is a nice relative low output resistance but there is a price to pay. Of course, we could forgo the negative feedback loop, as the cathode-follower OPS already offers low distortion and low Zo. I bought an Aikido stereo linestage kit from you some days ago, and I received it just this Monday. But wouldn’t sourcing a power transformer with two high-voltage secondaries be a pain? I have no idea how you managed to fit all this stuff in under what I paid for it. Amplification class A vs.


Vertical and horizontal grids. I had only looked at the one section about high performance triodes. Unlike me many people prefer the sound of the px4 to the px If it’s been discussed before – and I suppose it has – just point me there. This site was designed with the. Apex Cathode Follower Removal Help!

Thus, the bottom triode’s cathode and the top triode’s plate both are in voltage phase, although the two triodes function in anti-current phase. Probably so, but says that we need two high-voltage secondaries.

Amp Chokes, Cathode Followers, and other Maplifier Questions

How about the following cqthode The choke loaded cathode follower. For example, if the idle current equals 10mA and the plate resistor is 10k, then 0.

How do we find Vcap? Of course, the obvious answer is that by offering no voltage gain, the cathode-follower output stage requires too high an input drive signal. The inductor is not even mission critical regarding parasitic winding capacitance since it is located at the cathode side and as such is driven by a lowish impedance. Cathde if we try to get clever and add a negative feedback loop from the plate to the driver tube, we make the problem worse, as we have effectively reduced the output tube’s cathods resistance, which in turn gives the primary a larger share of the power-supply noise, making the PSRR worse, not better.


Choke Cathode Follower Driver.

We were both very pleased. Constant current only for small load currents, though: Clearly, this is not what a cathode follower would do, as a cathode follower’s output impedance is equal to: Or just because they run out of things to knock.

Well, let’s begin with an output stage OPS that is unambiguously a cathode follower. Firstly, I’m extremely impressed at the quality of what I’ve been sent.

If we know the idle current flow, then we know what the peak positive output voltage swing must be, as this voltage swing must equal the idle current against the plate resistor’s value.

A White follower helps the overall distortion driving the load, but the energy in higher-than-second goes up a lot. This got me thinking: The Tube CAD Journal’s first companion program, TCJ Filter Design lets you design a filter or crossover passive, solid-state or tube without having to check out thick textbooks from the library and without having to breakout the scientific calculator.