We see also the wrong maximum length of APDU. Comment 6 Jakub Jelen SCardLogFile Smart card interface log file location. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. The card readers in the list are tested by software supported by op. The following parameters can be configured:

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Login [x] Log in using an account from: StatusChanged Cardmwn general status change. This USB port has not been designed to supply sufficient power to a smart card reader.

– pcsc-lite

Under Windows the card reader works with all drivers pccs and Microsoft class driversunless marked otherwise in the table. Indicates if there are readers currently monitored.

Non-gemalto cards should work this way for future reference. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Product ID can be found from from ID-card utility diagnostics.

SCardTransmit Card not transacted: But as Bob mentioned before, the patch is more like hack to non-standard behavior so I will understand if it will not be suitable upstream. SCardTransmit UnrefReader count was: PINPad readers can have issues in Windows terminal solutions as terminal systems are not officially supported environments by the ID-card software. How this is done depends on the individual application – please refer to the applications documentation.


Comment 3 Carxman Jelen To do this, you need to add a Windows registry key, the values can be found here. This is problem with this reader, which does not support long APDU according to pcsc-lite-ccid?

You can enumerate all readers currently monitored with the SCardMonitor. Back Print Useful information about smartcard readers Previous article Next article.

The method calls the ISCardContext. Comment 2 Bob Relyea IFDTransmit Card not transacted: Application Version Use Cases Mozilla 1.

OmniKey CardMan 6121 & OpenPGP card anyone?

The following parameters can be configured: SCRState Returns the current state of a reader that is currently being monitored. Start string or SCardMonitor. SCardLogFile Smart card interface log file location. Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.

This should only happen if the card was in the reader and some ID-software component in use during that time. Now as I am looking into the patch I was working with, I noticed I missed some of the chunks that did not apply properly. But it should work in Fedora, since we probably want to support that.


– Documentation

The different card readers that are working is listed here in the table, but have not been tested in the eID software. Member Details Cancel Method Cancels the monitoring of all readers that are currently being monitored.

Syntax public void Cancel.

How can we improve the article and be more helpful? Make sure that all users using the PKCS 11 library have sufficient rights to write to the configured log files. Comment 4 Ludovic Rousseau