When the computer boots the operating system will scan for devices on the serial ports. We provide free support installing the driver on your computer with either a serial or usb cable. The Wintab driver is a Windows driver that turns the digitizer into a mouse input device for the computer. Share History More Cancel. EXE and the tablet should be active.

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The driver is now configured.

Posted January 3, I have tried accessing the FTP and there is no directory for “Tools” in there. I checked the CD. The settings for BankB should be: On the Main Screen, the options on the File menu offer a selection of utilities that test all the Serial ports, search for Wintab drivers, and refresh system information.

Calcomp Wintab Driver

Wintab Information — This option calfomp only when the tablet is communicating via a Wintab driver. The Options menu provides a grid and cursor button test utility and a utility that displays Wintab driver information. Choose it to display the Wintab Information window. The digitizer can be used connected to the computer with either the serial port or usb port using a serial to usb adapter from radio shack.


A very few digitizing programs do not use the wintab driver and communicate directly with the digitizer. The Power Of The Workspace. Choose one of these options to indicate the action you want performed when a cursor button is pressed. If you are having troubles with one, try the other.

There are 2 Wintab Drivers!! Not sure if they would work for the version you have. Up 0 Down Reject Answer Cancel. To test for Grid Problems: The two files wintab.

If you are seeing a break or calfomp step in the line, an indication of a dead grid, call GTCO CalComp Technical Support at one of the numbers listed at the bottom of this page. Can not define buttons in CUI. Delete any other Wintab files the search finds.

Downloads – GTCO

Can someone share drivers 7. Error – Cannot locate a default SHX font. If found, disable these drivers and calccomp NT. Ensure all connections are properly seated. When I start Photoshop it partially opens and then the computer locks up. Caldomp can use the TCU on your own to troubleshoot digitizer problems or configure your tablet, or your Technical Support specialist may ask you to load it to assist him or her when diagnosing problems.


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Driver instructions for Calcomp Drawingboard 2,3,4,5,6. You can either start the tablet driver prior to entering MicroStation or leave it disabled.

Advanced Configuration — This option displays only when communicating directly to the tablet via a serial port. Unable to connect to an Oracle Database.

Bentley Tablet Driver And CalComp DrawingBoard

The TCU was designed to enable you to run diagnostics on, or configure, your tablet. If no mouse is present, the cursor will not appear when the Wintab driver is started. Keyin to encrypt dgn files.