Press the left of the bar for a left click, and the right for right click. I tried to post this one first but got an error message saying I am not logged on and when tried logging I didn’t see it posted and started over again.. Even after a 2 hour Orthos stress-test, the system was cool. I would go as far to say that the lowest brightness is unusable in all but the darkest environments. If you use memory cards frequently, this may be a problem for you.

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A flaw I would like to mention is the opening mechanism for the screen, which involves a tiny, recessed switch that requires a lot of fiddling to actually open the lid. No extended warranty was purchased.

Asus Drivers Download

Although the Asus A8F is very plain, it manages to look attractive and understated. The specification on this system is at the low end of the spectrum, but the dual core processor ensures all standard operations are done with acceptable speed and little lag. Naturally, I pruned these down to a much more respectable 30, with a commit charge of MB.

Through high quality headphones, the integrated audio sounds acceptable with a fairly low noise floor. Visit our network of sites: The crux of the issue with this laptop is that it performs with sufficient speed to appear fast to the qireless user, despite the fact it lags behind in benchmarks.


Hello, I’m from the Philippines and I’m new in the column. I even search for all my post but didn’t found this asue After I tweaked the system by removing obvious bloatware, that time was reduced to 42s and 45s respectively. The weight is very reasonable at 2.

Thanks for all the info anyone could provide. The A8F has a decent number of ports.

This was the best deal I wjreless find, and is one of only a few Asus resellers in the UK. I tried to post this one first but got an error message saying I am not logged on and when tried logging I didn’t see it posted and started over again.

I have no experience wire,ess tech support at this time obviously due to the short ownership time. Basic specification is as follows:.

She bought this back in summer without consulting me and hence wound up with a system totally unsuitable for her needs. The card reader works fine, however has a poor design. Lord of the Rings on Asus A8F screen view large image.

Viewing angles are standard for a glossy screen, with colours quickly fading in the vertical. Included mouse accessory view large image.

Asus A8F Notebook Review

The wirekess hard drive is also a big improvement over the rpm I use: Asus A3F notebook view large image. Here is the score the Asus A8F received and a comparison to other notebooks:.


Asus A8F on top of Acer notebook view large image. I know that ASUS build quality is top notch but I want to know if it’s true that ‘business class’ notebook are more durable in terms of build ashs.

This notebook computer is most comfortable with general computing tasks and flies through them all without a hitch. Yes, my password a33f This is most apparent on the lowest notch, which is very dim indeed versus notch 2 which is substantially brighter. Separate buttons and a more defined touchpad would be an improvement. I seldom play games and if ever, not the resource-hungry new ones.

ASUS A3F notebook | NotebookReview

The construction is all plastic, yet seems fairly sturdy. The screen is a glare type which is commonplace on consumer notebooks these days; you either like them or loathe them. Unfortunately it is very difficult to know which button you are going to wirelesa or indeed, if you press any button at all. The main problem with the panel in this system is the backlight control: