I string them along for a few minutes telling them my computer is down and i begin to boot it up. It depends on the level of access given to the attacker. Sadly, you can’t in most cases. They wanted me to go to “fff. The scammers who called you are to blame, not thousands of people in Redmond. As I did this, he played a dial tone down the line, and then a ring tone, making me think it was a normal call.

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Identified himself with a western name.

But you need to install anti-virus and antimalware software and sort it out. Finally, the IRS only communicates with you through the vogus, not by telephone calls.

When I tell them I have a Mac they get very rude. Some cunning tricksters had apparently cloned my card at an ATM I had used and then treated themselves abaolutely a few things in an Apple store. The “area codes” that they’re calling from are all spoofed. He refused for the third time and kept consistently saying he was here to help me.

WPS warns of rash of scam calls; victim loses hundreds of dollars

If you receive a similar call, hang up immediately. The indian guy called him on his cell phone and had him to go to a website called hamachi or something, giving him hogus.


I also received this call. I’m in cyber security and have a nasty sense of humor, so pulled up a web page that has small wave files of a person with a heavy Asian accent saying various things from as simple as “hello?

WPS sees a surge in utility scam calls

I did think that was odd, as McAfee tech support had never been that helpful in the past. Just got one and after I called him on his bluff, he proceeded to tell me all the sexual things he would like to do to my wife and mother. Mom has threatened them with police action that was yesterday. I got this call and gave them remote access to my computer and they showed me a bunch of malware I had.

But the result is always damaging.

Incredible that these individuals continue to get away with this. First time to tell me I had won a euro prize and if I went on my PC and followed their instructions, the money would be mine.

I enjoy playing with them, just to see how long I can keep them on the phone. Just had a call 10 minutes ago.

‘Critical’ Microsoft Office hack uses fake Word documents to install malware

Your email bogsu will not be published. Told them I had a special keyboard for the blind and there was no windows key If they did that, Microsoft would be able to single-handedly solve global unemployment. I was just called by ‘Windows Tech Support’. Tancio de Leon says: I asked him why every time his company calls I always speak with someone with a South Asian accent. I did not call. He also said absoolutely they are trying to get some operators set up in the US that don’t have accents, and tried to recruit me!


We can review your logs with you and fix them persistent little bastard.

WPS warns of scam | News | WSAU

I guess I’ve been hacked. Im scared that they now have sensitive information of mine. I’m in the UK. The first time they called me, it was a male Indian accented “tech” and as soon as he said vogus was a windows technical support specialist I became wary.

I then asked “Jack” how the weather was in India and hung up the phone. He kept insisting and so i said “nah, ill just take it to geek squad”, to which he replied “they suck. It is for example interesting how the fishermen losing their catch to Chinese boats do not fall within the purvey of the emotional body politic of the Philippines.

After being transferred to tier 2 I asked where they were calling from and told Orlando, Fl.